I am Thomas Karolski, a Student of Technic Communication at the University of RWTH in Aachen. Born in Graudenz, Poland in 1987 – then moved to germany with 2 years.

I grew up in a relatively small city (about 90 thousand people) doing the things every child would do: going to school, playing with friends, causing havoc & grief to its parents, etc. up until my ninth birthday when my father brought home a computer :-)

Ever since then I’ve been addicted – my early days I spend entirely playing games on it. Later then with the internet becoming more and more maintstream I’d be looking for new games (demos) to play every single day.

I don’t exactly remember when & how I got into programming languages, but it must have started somewhere around when I got my first book on programming: “Turbo Pascal the Language”. Terrible Language, but I must have liked it. I remember writing a game user interface (all console based) with its help. Ever since then I took a dive into various programming languages: turbo pascal, delphi, tcl, php, python, c/c++, prolog, haskell, common lisp and clojure just to name some off the top off my head.

Of course programming has been my most time consuming hobby up to this day. However, besides that I also enjoy making & playing games, though the latter has proven to be much easier so far (ha, surprise!) and the first is again programming related… oh boy, addiction!

Besides my studies I also work for my universities instutute of Multimedia & Computer Graphics as a student helper. There, I do tasks mainly using the programming language C++ with the Qt library for UI development and the OpenGL library for implementing 3D applications.

In my free programming time I use clojure. It is easy to write software with it and it provides great flexibility in how one can write software. It is maybe because I grew up with object oriented code, that I am really fond of writing functional & logical style.

So much for myself.

Now go on reading!

Kind regards,


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